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So, You Think You Know the Cape Cod?
So, You Think You Know Nantucket?
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So, You Think You Know Cape Cod?
A book about all the towns on the Cape, each has a chapter. Filled with history of significant places, people, and institutions. There is a trivia section, a fascinating photo section, a do you know section for each town and city .and finally a special section about the “Treasures” of the South Coast. A special listing for secret beaches.

It will entertain, educate, and enrich the reader.

“I love this book. I have learned so much and yes, I have been entertained with the trivia section. Great “treasures section.” I will buy 5 copies for Christmas gifts.”
Regina Doherty Falmouth

So, You Think You Know Nantucket?
This book lays out a significant base of knowledge for Nantucket, including famous men and women who have made significant contributions. A section entitled “Do You Know?” tests the reader on their knowledge of some places, and people. The photographs in the book will assess the reader’s knowledge of buildings, places and objects that are commonly seen but not necessarily recognized for what they are, and there is a trivia section that is always fun. There is a section on beaches with special attention paid to the hidden or secret beaches on Nantucket.

“A treasure trove of delight for those on Nantucket! For the rest of us, it is a sensational sightseer’s guide, bar none!”
Anne Roberts, Scituate MA

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  1. Rob Larkin

    “I bought this book and just finished reading it. Very enjoyable and has lots of information for anyone who loves Cape Cod.”

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