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“I reviewed this book, and it confirms, I know a lot about the Cape and there is a lot about the Cape I do not know. This book is a treasure.”
Bill Doherty Falmouth

“A treasure trove of delight for those on Cape Cod! For the rest of us, it’s a sensational sightseer’s guide, bar none!”
Anne Roberts, Scituate MA

So, You Think You Know Cape Cod?


Facts, Folklore, Trivia and Treasures


The book lays out a significant base knowledge for each community on Cape Cod, including famous men and women who have made significant contributions to each community. A section entitled “Do You Know?” provides some lesser-known information that contributes to the distinctness and attractiveness of each town; some photographs that will test the reader’s knowledge of buildings and objects that are commonly seen but not necessarily recognized for what they are, and some trivia that tests some well-known and lesser-known facts.

The book ends with the “Treasures” of Cape Cod. These are the institutions and places that make the Cape Cod a remarkable place to live and work and one that attracts millions of visitors. I have made these determinations myself and realize that others may have a different list, but that is ok. Some are cultural, some are natural, but each contributes to the quality of life that is available on Cape Cod. The region and its people have something distinct and appealing to offer everyone.

Photographs by Emily Murphy

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Author Information

Henry M. Quinlan – Grandfather Henry M. Quinlan, a graduate of Boston College and Suffolk University Law School, is a resident of Wareham, MA. He has been in the publishing business for 45 years and currently the owner and publisher of Omni Publishing Co.
Emily E. Murphy – Granddaughter Emily E. Murphy is a resident of Mattapoisett, MA, and a 2022 graduate of Old Rochester Regional High School. She is a four-year member of the Girls Tennis Team and 2022 Captain. She will be attending college in the fall.


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