Meet our Team
Henry M. Quinlan

Henry M. Quinlan


Henry M. Quinlan, owner and publisher of Omni Publishing Company, has 40+ years of varied experience in the publishing of books, newsletters, DVDs and CDs and the organizing of seminars.


Henry organized the first national seminars on the internet and law enforcement in the 1990s and one that examined the Columbine School shooting. He founded Quinlan Press, a book publishing company, in 1986. Notable among the books that he published are: “My Life in Space” by Wally Schirra; “Rebound” by KC Jones, coach of the Boston Celtics; “My Dad the Babe” by his daughter Dorothy Ruth Pirrone; “The Cops are Robbers” by Kevin Stevens, which was featured on 60 Minutes and made into an HBO movie.

While engaged in a publishing venture in the former Soviet Union, Henry Quinlan was asked by President George H. Bush to organize the publishing of the children’s book, “Make Way for Ducklings” in Russia in 1991. He also organized the construction of the Make Way for Ducklings statutes in Moscow as part of a 1991 Summit meeting of President Bush and Secretary Gorbachev.

Current Projects

After the initial success of “So, You Think You Know the South Coast?” in 2021. Omni published two more in the series, “So you think you Know Cape Cod?” and “So, You Think You Know Nantucket?” Their success has led to an expanded list with “So, You Think You Know Martha’s Vineyard?”, “So, You Think You Know Rode Island?” and “So, You Think You Know the Jersey Shore?” for 2023. In addition to the geographical books 2023 will see “So, You Think You Know Tennis?” More titles are planned for 2024.

In 2023 Omni also published Stories Along The Way authored by John Cullinane, founder of the first successful software company in America. John was one of the titans in the high-tech industry and his stories take the reader back to the days when very few knew what the “mouse” could do.

2023 is the first year that Omni has ventured into the world of fiction with the publishing of, Libidinous Venture, A Sexy Brain Tickler. By Barbie Burr of Marion, Massachusetts.

Leonard Massiglia

Independent designer / LMA Communications

Leonard is a full-service designer providing creative solutions to design needs from traditional print to electronic media. He has built a successful design and production business focused on the needs of large publishing companies in the Boston area, including IDG, Cengage, Houghton Mifflin and Reed Business (formerly Cahners Publishing) and McGraw-Hill. He has developed specialty business niches in direct mail and custom publishing; is a recognized expert in company identity work, including company logos; and has managed virtual design teams.

Theresa Driscoll

Senior Editor

Theresa is a senior editor for Omni Publishing Co. who has earned the respect of a variety of authors for her knowledge and professionalism. More than one author has said that “I am a much better writer due to the guidance of Theresa.” Her long experience in publishing has enabled her to provide authors with guidance through every step of the process, from concept right through the many steps in the editing process. Theresa has experience editing a variety of genres, including fiction, personal and political memoirs, non-fiction and poetry.

As Mary Jordan has stated, “I love working with Theresa. Her command of the English language is what makes her so special as a book editor. I have full confidence in her corrections and believe they will make my work better.”

Kim Bass

Social media and marketing

Kim is an entrepreneur who assists companies in intensifying their brand through traditional and digital marketing programs. Kim began her career in the pageant business, was the director of four New England States for the Mrs. America pageant system, and received the “State Director’s Award,” a national honor. Later in her career Kim became the state director for the Miss Universe Organization, owned then by Donald Trump and NBC Universal, where she gained valuable marketing experience as the state director for the states of New York and New Hampshire. 

Kim offers business services in areas where she has experience – public relations, marketing, brand building strategies and fundraising. She is a resident of Salem, NH, and Palm Beach, FL.