So, You Think You Know the South Coast?


Facts, Folklore, Trivia and Treasures
Author: Henry Quinlan
Photographs by Caroline Murphy

The book lays out a significant base knowledge for each community on the South Coast of Massachusetts, including famous men and women who have made significant contributions to each community. A section entitled “Do You Know?” provides some lesser-known information that contributes to the distinctness of each city or town; some photographs that will test the reader’s knowledge of buildings and objects that are commonly seen but not necessarily recognized for what they are, and some trivia that tests some well-known and lesser-known facts.
The book ends with the “Treasures” of the South Coast. These are the institutions and places that make the South Coast a remarkable place to live and work. Some are cultural, some are natural but each contributes to the quality of life that is available on the South Coast. The region and its people have something distinct and appealing to offer everyone.

South Coast Towns: Achusnet, Dartmouth, Fairhaven, Fall River, Marion, Mattapoisett, New Bedford, Rochester, Wareham, Westport,

“A book that will educate, enrich and entertain you.”

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Author Information

Henry M. Quinlan – Grandfather
Henry M. Quinlan, a graduate of Boston College and Suffolk University Law School, is a resident of Wareham, MA. He has been in the publishing business for 45 years and currently the owner and publisher of Omni Publishing Co.
Caroline E. Murphy – Granddaughter
Caroline E. Murphy is a resident of Mattapoisett, MA, and a graduate of Old Rochester Regional High School, where she was co-captain of the Track Team and the Soccer Team. She has completed two years of undergraduate work at Stonehill College. During the pandemic she is enrolled in Southern New Hampshire University taking online courses.

6 reviews for So, You Think You Know the South Coast?

  1. Amazon Customer

    I had no idea.

    I completely enjoyed reading this book. I have lived in the northern part of Massachusetts my entire life and had no idea of the gems available to explore on the South Coast. I would venture a guess that many of the people living in Massachusetts are like me, and this area of the South Coast is unknown to folks outside the area. The book was fun to read and full of adventure. I will look forward to exploring the South Coast and highly recommend the book.

  2. Arthur Short

    Great collection of history and unique stories about parts of southern New England

    I’ve lived here about 40 years and, still, learned many new things that made me appreciate this area even more. I liked the fact that you could pick up the book at any time or place and enjoy the commentary. Later, pick up another part and be drawn into it, again, but for different reasons. Of course, during the pandemic, my wife and I were able to venture out, on occasion, to visit some of these unique places, like the one in the Village of Onset (Wareham) to see the native statue of Aquene, which means “peace”, as she overlooks the bay. There is much to see and appreciate in this quiet area and this book makes for a nice contribution to understand it all just a little better. Minor criticism, perhaps for me, was the lack of a quick index to easily locate something that I wanted to read, again. A fun book to read and enjoy.

  3. Mary Jordan

    “I love this book. I have learned so much and yes, I have been entertained with the trivia section. Great “treasures section.” I have bought 5 copies for Christmas gifts.”

  4. Anne Roberts

    Scituate, MA
    A treasure trove of delight for those on the South Coast! For the rest of us, it’s a sensational sightseer’s guide, bar none!

  5. Carlton Tucker

    Bristol, RI
    In today’s technological age, it is nice to trade in TripAdvisor for the next generation of Fodor’s. Henry Quinlan & his granddaughter have created an intergenerational and refreshing mini-travel guide to 10 South Coast communities with fun facts and terrific trivia of interesting places to explore. Bravo!

  6. Karsten Rathlev

    Marion, MA – Indoor Tennis Club
    This book is great. I am learning so much about the whole South Coast.

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