Secret, Hidden, and Forgotten Cape Cod


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New Book – Secret, Hidden & Forgotten
Cape Cod
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Embark on a journey like no other with Secret, Hidden, and Forgotten Cape Cod, a captivating new book that unveils the lesser-known treasures of Cape Cod. From secluded shores to enchanting trails, it unearths the clandestine gardens, undiscovered delights, and remnants of a bygone era tucked away on this iconic peninsula.

Secret, Hidden and Forgotten Cape Cod is your exclusive gateway to the stories and secrets once mostly known by native Cape Codders.

This is the second book authored by Grandfather Henry M. Quinlan and his Granddaughter, Emily E. Murphy. Their first book, So, You Think You Know Cape Cod, is a best seller on the Cape. This book marks the pair’s continued exploration.

Whether you’re a Cape Cod aficionado or a traveler in search of the road less traveled, this book is your personal guide to experiencing the Cape in a way that goes beyond the surface, into the vibrant heart of Cape Cod.


“This is the book I have been waiting for. I love the Cape but hate the crowds. In the future, every time I go to the Cape, this book is coming with me.”
— Mary Jordan, Merrimack NH