Rogues of Rhode Island


Discover the hidden tales of Rogues of Rhode Island, the new book by Bobby Oliveira. This captivating true crime read goes beyond the well-known Mafia figures to uncover fascinating stories of non-criminals whose deeds earn them a place among Rhode Island’s most intriguing rogues. Well known celebrities such as Claus Von Bulow, Doris Duke join Mafia figures such as Raymond Patriarca, Sr., and Frank Salemne as being featured in the is book.

Bobby Oliveira’s firsthand experiences with many of these individuals ensure authenticity, while meticulous research brings lesser-known stories to light—some of which have never been shared publicly before.

Immerse yourself in a world few have seen. Explore Rogues of Rhode Island and uncover the secrets that lie within.

Get your copy today and experience true crime like never before!

The list of Rogues of Rhode Island:
Alex Vigniero, Ronald Fischer, Sergio Salazar, Frank Salemme, Nicholas Alahverdian, James DeWolf, Adam Emery, Raymond Patriarca, Sr., Raymond Patriarca, Jr., Stephen Mori, Craig Price, George Ouimette, Doris Duke, Rigoberto Vasquez, Buddy Ciaci, Ray Lessor, Dennys Cabrera, Nicky Banco, Jeann Lugo, Julio Merida, Samuel Slater


Bobby Oliveira is the Treasurer of the Quahogs United PAC and the creator of the Quahogs United Blog.  He has more than 40 years of campaign experience, more than 35 years of sales experience, including from 2007-2011 when he was Sales Director at the Newport Bay Club until he sold out the inventory, and 30 years of writing experience going back to his time as a newsman at WHTB Radio and moving on to become the head speechwriter to future State Senator and Democratic Chair Rep. Joan Menard.

Mr. Oliveira has campaigned in 38 states.  Most of this experience was garnered when he worked on Presidential campaigns in 1988 and 1992.  He is a veteran of multiple New Hampshire Presidential Primaries.  Along the way, he has also served on teams that have been successful lobbying for laws and ordinances in 4 states.  Due to that experience, he is a go to for various forms of public records requests including APRAs, FOILs, and FOIAs.  When not doing that, he is often tasked to write radio commercials.  He has done that for candidates at the municipal, county, state, and Federal levels.

This is his second book for Omni Publishing Co. His first book, So, You Think You Know Rhode Island was published in 2023.

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  1. Emily Murphy, Providence

    “I have read this book and could not put it down. I have followed some of these “Rogues” in the news over the years and what I read about them fascinated me.”

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