Rogues of Rhode Island


Rhode Island has always been a little off.  Some trace it back to when we were the first state to vote on the Constitution and voted no.  Others take it further than that when one of our early founders, and idol of mine, Governor Coddington wanted to have a Civil War with the Massachusetts Bay Colony.  This kind of off behavior has attracted many different criminals to Rhode Island as well as created a few.

In Rhode Island Rogues, we will go over some of their histories.  There will be no surprise that many mafia members will work their way throughout the chapters.  It’s always interesting to watch a “wannabe mafia” show on tv and say how it compares to events you may have actually experienced while living in Rhode Island.

We also cannot ignore the role that dark Spirituality plays in Rhode Island.  It is one of the reasons Rhode Island Ghost Tours attract so many visitors from other states.  It’s also one of the reasons that Rhode Island criminals are so creepy.

Best of all, I did not only write about the criminals, I shared some things with them.  Some of them have the same combination of mental illnesses I do so I can understand their thinking.  My life in addiction, 21+ years sober now, and politics, I’ll never be sober from that, has caused me to experience 34 arrests, 3 indictments, but thanks to great lawyers, only 8 convictions without ever having to snitch.  I even ran my own refined cocaine product enterprise in Massachusetts for a little while, so yeah, I get where some of these folks are coming from.  That makes it easier to make their behaviors relatable on an everyday basis.


Bobby Oliveira is the Treasurer of the Quahogs United PAC and the creator of the Quahogs United Blog.  He has more than 40 years of campaign experience, more than 35 years of sales experience, including from 2007-2011 when he was Sales Director at the Newport Bay Club until he sold out the inventory, and 30 years of writing experience going back to his time as a newsman at WHTB Radio and moving on to become the head speechwriter to future State Senator and Democratic Chair Rep. Joan Menard.

Mr. Oliveira has campaigned in 38 states.  Most of this experience was garnered when he worked on Presidential campaigns in 1988 and 1992.  He is a veteran of multiple New Hampshire Presidential Primaries.  Along the way, he has also served on teams that have been successful lobbying for laws and ordinances in 4 states.  Due to that experience, he is a go to for various forms of public records requests including APRAs, FOILs, and FOIAs.  When not doing that, he is often tasked to write radio commercials.  He has done that for candidates at the municipal, county, state, and Federal levels.

This is his second book for Omni Publishing Co. His first book, So, You Think You Know Rhode Island was published in 2023.