From the Other Side of My Heart: A Collection of Poems and Writings


by Linda Estes Strasburg

Poet and writer Linda Estes Strasburg shares her award-winning poetry in her first published collection. A lifetime of love, joy, grief and loss are exposed and celebrated between the lines of richly written verse. Many of the poems within this book have been displayed and published in poetry journals and magazines, including “Angel Unaware,” published in the Poetic Press. Linda is a member of the International Society of Poets, as well as the Famous Poets Society. From the Other Side of My Heart also includes writings and images of Linda’s worldly travels and adventures, and showcases paintings by her artist daughter, Vicki McKee McClanahan.


About the Author
Linda Estes Strasburg began writing poetry to cope with a painful divorce and a difficult time in her life. At the age of 42, Linda, who had never been employed, began attending college full time – while caring for a sick daughter, a seven-year-old grandson and her dying mother. Linda wrote poetry whenever she could, finished college and became a teacher. One day, a close friend submitted one of Linda's poems to a poetry contest – and the poem, Angel Unaware, won first place. Linda says that prayer, faith and writing have kept her going through difficult and tragic times, including the untimely death of her daughter, Beth, and the deaths of a beloved fiancé, of her husband of ten years, and of three devoted siblings. Linda hopes that anyone who reads her simple poetry and stories of her life will find some pleasure in them. As she approaches her seventy-fifth birthday, Linda lives simply, happily and at peace in her adopted town of Sparta, Tennessee.