Evaluate Book Idea

If the writer is writing an autobiography, family history or a memoir about some part of the author’s life, the targeted audience drives the assessment of the manuscript.

Before an assessment of your manuscript can take place, I have to know what publishing goals you have in mind. Some people want to write just for family members, and this is usually a very intimate writing intended only for family members. Others want to target a bigger audience, which usually encompasses family, friends and associates. This type of manuscript is less intimate but still assumes a basic knowledge of the author, which enables a clear understanding of the stories and anecdotes contained in the manuscript. Others want to write for the general public, and that type of manuscript doe not contain any elements of knowledge about the author.

If the author is writing a novel or a different kind of nonfiction work, then the assessment will also determine if the manuscript meets the author’s goals.

Our assessment will answer the basic question as to whether the manuscript meets the author’s stated goals.

Setting your Budget

Too often, authors spend much more than they can earn through the sale of the book and the makes the self-publishing experience a very negative one. Yes, there are authors who spend more, and in some cases much more, than their book can earn. If they can afford it, the amount spent is not a problem.

But for most, it is important to set a budge with very realistic sales goals in mind. I believe that almost anyone who writes and self-publishes can set a budget so that the sales of the book will at least equal, and in most cases exceed, the publishing budget. This requires some discipline and creative work by the author.

I will set a budget that I believe that is realistic regarding the author’s goals.

Edit your Manuscript

There are several different kinds of editing. They are:

Content – Does the manuscript make sense, whatever the genre. If the manuscript does not hold together, you should know this in the beginning.

Sequence Editing – If you are writing a novel, it is imperative that your characters talk and behave consistently throughout the manuscript. Unless of course the changes are part of a realist transformation.

Deletion Edits – Deletion edits are deleting sections that have appeared previously in the manuscript or deleting the use of the same word or phrase too often. This is often referred to as trimming the fat.

Fact Checking Editing – It is very important to fact check. Misstating dates and events lead to a loss of credibility for the author. With online resources available, it is relatively painless to fact check manuscripts.

Line Editing – The goal here is to check on the readability and flow of the manuscript.

Formatting a Manuscript

To print your book, it must be formatted into pages with the right selection of typeface, type size and trim size. We will help you select the right formats and the right software to create what you select.

Evaluate Your Title

There is nothing as basic to the successful sales of a book than its title. There are several I always note as being very effective. Some are even by first-time authors, and their books sold in the hundreds of thousands. They are: No one Ever Has Sex on a Tuesday – You’re not Pretty Enough – Taunting the Dead.

These are eye-catching titles that encourage a viewer to want to know more. There are several different methods to come up with an attention-getting title.

Cover Design Help

Design of the cover is another very important ingredient to the success of a book. As an author, you have many different approaches to selecting a cover design. We will present the different options and the costs.

Soft Cover or Hard Cover

There are many different variables that go into selecting the type of book you wish to publish. We will lay out the variables for your decision. We will guide you in making this decision.

Marketing Plan

We will create a marketing plan that is consistent with your budget. I do believe that most authors who self-publish should follow a basic marketing plan that will enable them to recoup any costs they have incurred.