Stories Along the Way


By John Cullinane

Stories from the life of John Cullinane who founded Cullinane Corporation, the first successful software products company in the computer industry. Ironically, at the time, industry gurus said there was no future in software and that it could not be done. Others had tried and failed, predicting that he would, too. However, the great success of his company would prove to Wall Street and the computer industry that a great deal of money could be made from treating software as a product. Many software companies followed, and an industry was born.

As the author says, “writing this was fun. The stories just flowed out. In my case, I was up to 160 in no time, and I think of more all the time, some crazy, some I cannot even tell. Then looking for pictures and finding some great ones I never saw before. I cut the book back to one hundred or so stories. I do not consider it an autobiography. Maybe, it’s more like the “Canterbury Tales,” although not as bawdy as one I read.”

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  1. As one reviewer stated:

    “Along the Way” is a series of inspiring stories weaving together important lessons about business acumen, family values, and social entrepreneurship. Defining moments of Cullinane’s childhood instilled a strong work ethic, a resolute stance against inequality, and a creative flair for overcoming life’s obstacles. A business revolutionary, John founded the first successful software products company, contrary to popular opinion at the time, frequently partnering with his wife via corporate operations and events. A man of mans, he utilized his connections and clout to bridge the disparity between socioeconomic classes domestically and abroad.”

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