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So, You Think You Know Cape Cod?
So, You Think You Know Tennis?

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So, You Think You Know Cape Cod?
The book lays out a significant base knowledge for each community, including famous men and women who have made significant contributions to each community. A section entitled “Do You Know?” provides some lesser-known information that contributes to the distinctness of each  town; some photographs that will test the reader’s knowledge of buildings and objects that are commonly seen but not necessarily recognized for what they are, and some trivia that tests some well-known and lesser-known facts. There is a section on beaches with special attention paid to the hidden or secret beaches that are everywhere on Cape Cod.

The book ends with the “Treasures” of the Cape Cod. These are the institutions and places that make the Cape Cod a remarkable place to visit, live in and work. I have made these determinations myself and realize that others may have a different list, but that is ok. Some are cultural, some are natural, but each contributes to a quality of life that is unique to Cape Cod. The Cape and its places and people have something distinct and appealing to offer everyone.

It will entertain, educate, and enrich the reader.

So, You Think You Know Tennis?
By Henry M. Quinlan

If you love tennis, “So, You Think You Know Tennis?” is the perfect book for you! Written by an 83-year-old author with a deep respect and passion for the game, this book will help to widen the knowledge of readers and deepen their own love for the sport. Covering everything from rackets, balls, courts, and players – both men and women – this book looks back on the lengthy history of tennis and just how much it has evolved over time. What sets “So, You Think You Know Tennis?” apart from other books about the sport is that it contains little-known facts and stories about players and the game itself which are sure to delight both casual fans and aspiring professionals. Get ready to enjoy a deep understanding of one of the world’s oldest sports with “So, You Think You Know Tennis?”