So, You Think You Know Rhode Island?


People, Places, Folklore, Trivia and Treasures


This book is a fun, educational tool for those who want to learn more about the Rhode Island.

While a dedicated Rhode Island fan may know all about the nooks and crannies of their favorite destination, what is revealed here may pleasantly surprise any Rhode Island enthusiast.

It’s an enjoyable read that has something for everyone, such as history, education, famous people, celebrities, inventors, and politicians. It can be read cover to cover, or by jumping around.

There are also photos that are well known but still may challenge you to identify.

There’s plenty to not only give the reader a walk down memory lane, but perhaps plan for more trips in their near future.

This book will enrich, educate and entertain the reader!



Author Information
Bobby Oliveira is the Treasurer of the Quahogs United PAC and the creator of the Quahogs United Blog.  He has more than 40 years of campaign experience, more than 35 years of sales experience, including from 2007-2011 when he was Sales Director at the Newport Bay Club until he sold out the inventory, and 30 years of writing experience going back to his time as a newsman at WHTB Radio and moving on to become the head speechwriter to future State Senator and Democratic Chair Rep. Joan Menard.

Mr. Oliveira has campaigned in 38 states.  Most of this experience was garnered when he worked on Presidential campaigns in 1988 and 1992.  He is a veteran of multiple New Hampshire Presidential Primaries.  Along the way, he has also served on teams that have been successful lobbying for laws and ordinances in 4 states.  Due to that experience, he is a go to for various forms of public records requests including APRAs, FOILs, and FOIAs.  When not doing that, he is often tasked to write radio commercials.  He has done that for candidates at the municipal, county, state, and Federal levels.

Most memorable of those experiences happened back in the mid-90’s.  Dr. Irving Fradkin, of Dollars for Scholars fame, asked Bobby to change the city of Fall River’s motto from “We’ll try” to “Scholarship City”.  Thanks to Bobby’s leadership, the City of Fall River’s City Council voted in the affirmative for the change.

His sales career started in real estate rentals.  From that, he had a 10 year career in floorcovering.  Back in 1999, he secured the contract for the floorcovering in the Pfizer labs in Groton, Connecticut.  In 2000, he was recruited by a timeshare firm and went on to have a 16 year career in timeshares and vacation clubs.  He still sells ads for his blog from time to time.  He has sold those products in 5 states.

While he has created political change and profit all over the country, he is most proud of his over 20 years clean and sober.  He regularly works with newcomers so they can find the same peace he has.  While he has a number of mental illnesses, he is able to manage 24 hours at a time.  As a result, he has been asked to speak on addiction issues in the same number of states he has campaigned in.

As this is being written, Bobby has recruited a lawyer to represent Rhode Island’s homeless camped out at the State House against an illegal eviction order the Governor brought forward.  So far the combination of legal resources Bobby has brought together has beaten the Governor twice in court.  Bobby hopes this will draw attention to the real services the homeless need especially regarding addiction and mental illness issues.


2 reviews for So, You Think You Know Rhode Island?

  1. Bill Seymour–Special to the Independent Newspaper

    “So you think you know Rhode Island?” Perhaps Bobby Oliveira’s book by the same name will challenge whatever answers you think you have.

    If you have any doubt, though, take his 100-question test both before and after you read his “So, You Think You Know Rhode Island? People, Places, Folklore, Trivia and Treasures” (Omni Publishing 2023).

    It offers over 130 pages of glimpses and history about different regions of Rhode Island as well as parts of the state earning places in history books.

    Click Here to read this article from the Independent about “So, You Think You Know Rhode Island?”

  2. Kaitlin Gehlhaus

    Hi Henry,

    My name is Kaitlin Gehlhaus and I am a reporter for ABC 6 News in Providence. I wanted to thank you for sending me a copy of the book, ‘So, You Think You Know Rhode Island?’

    I have been enjoying reading the book and learning so much about the state of Rhode Island which is very important with my role as a reporter in the city of Providence.

    I hope you have a great weekend and thank you again!

    Kaitlin Gehlhaus
    ABC 6 News Reporter

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