Fall Special – Libidinous Venture & Cape Cod Bundle


Fall Special

Libidinous Venture and
So, You Think You Know Cape Cod?

Total Value $29.90 buy both books for $21.00

Libidinous Venture – A Sexy Brain Tickler
By Barbie Burr

We first meet Henry as he is recruited by a trusted friend to save a crazed college girl from selling herself on Craig’s List. Their next meeting is at a book signing where Henry just about falls over to see that the best-selling author with whom he is obsessed is that same naked girl he saved on the beach. Confused? So are they, and they fight bravely with every fiber of mind, body, and soul to unravel the truth about human sexuality, being Catholic, the founding of America, civil liberties and the real truth about the Salem Witch Hunt. Nothing at Harvard prepared Henry for their research along the beaches of St Croix, and the streets of Boston, Plymouth, and Salem, most often in a Ferrari.  If you like a fast-paced, captivating beach book, this story is for you.

So, You Think You Know Cape Cod?
By Henry M. Quinlan

A book about all the towns on the Cape, each has a chapter. Filled with history of significant places, people, and institutions. There is a trivia section, a fascinating photo section, a do you know section for each town and city .and finally a special section about the “Treasures” of the South Coast. A special listing for secret beaches.