Across the Spectrum


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Mothers of Autistic Children Speak!
Author: Anne Tucker Roberts

Across the Spectrum is the author’s second book.

Across the Spectrum looks at six families with children on the autism spectrum over a 40 year period, from the early 1970s to the 21st century. The reader meets parents who raised their children without knowing the word “autism,” to those caught in the uncertainties of labels forging ahead to blaze trails of their own, to young parents implementing modern-day therapies.

Each story looks at a unique aspect of autism through the perspective of the mothers. Each story lays out the challenges presented by autism and the courage and love that the mothers demonstrate each day in meeting those challenges. The mothers speak with a directness and honesty, sharing stories of courage, love, perseverance and creativity – all while living lives with meaning and purpose.

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Anne Tucker Roberts is a gifted teacher and writer. For nearly two decades she taught adolescents with developmental disabilities. After 12 years in this position, Anne was recognized as a Master Teacher and awarded a “Golden Apple” for professional excellence. Anne left this rewarding career to care for elderly parents. During that time, she began writing memoirs and completed two books. Her first book, Five Courageous Mothers: Raising Children with Down Syndrome was published in 2017. Her current book, ACROSS the SPECTRUM: Mothers of Autistic Children Speak! was published in September of 2021. Anne collaborated with five remarkable mothers who have courageously told their stories to Anne. Anne graduated from Boston College with a BA in Liberal Arts. She later earned a Master’s in Education and a Master’s in Special Education. She and her husband John have resided for 30 years in Scituate, MA.

9 reviews for Across the Spectrum

  1. Judy and Jay Carter

    Dedham, MA
    My husband and I were both fully absorbed in this book…so much so that having put my laundry into the wash at 9:00 am it was still sitting there at 7:00 pm.

  2. Judith Scott, M.D.

    Mother of Jeffrey – age 21
    Across the Spectrum brims with practical information and key truths for success in a life with autism.

  3. Mary Burt

    Executive Director of South Shore Support Services, Weymouth, MA
    An excellent resource for young families dealing with a newly diagnosed child. Across the Spectrum provides a unique behind the scenes view of families raising children with ASD. Stories are written from the heart and include the heartaches of what might have been. The challenges of getting the correct diagnosis and much needed services are very real. The triumphs and successes of individuals with ASD and the acceptance by their families and communities are also very real.

  4. Maureen M. Gattine, MS, BCBA, LABA

    Mini School Program Director, South Shore Educational Collaborative, Hingham, MA
    Anne Tucker Roberts’ Across the Spectrum: Mothers of Autistic Children Speak! is a powerful book that will empower educators to understand the experiences of raising a child with autism. It gives invaluable insight and appreciation to navigate working with families and being able to collaborate with compassion and understanding of the child and their family.

  5. Deborah Donovan

    Principal, Boston Higashi School, Randolph, MA
    My heart is very full after just reading these authentic and impactful stories told by mothers. They chronicle their own experiences and growth loving and parenting a child with autism through the various ages and stages. There is wisdom for the pain but also triumph and celebration for the journey with its own unique joy along the way.

  6. Daryl Ann Cook-Ivan, MSW

    Executive Director, The Arc of the South Shore
    Every chapter was compelling. The stories of these families brought tears to my eyes, a lump in my throat, and an ache in my heart – all punctuated by lightness and joy. I marvel at the courage and unconditional love of these parents. They are an inspiration, and I am so pleased that this book brings their voices to light. Just as like-minded parents started the disability rights movement back in the 1950s, the voices of these parents are keenly needed today!

  7. Beth Moran Liuzzo

    Area Director, Brockton Area Office, MA Department of Developmental Services
    As I read these stories, I am once again reminded of the individuality of the people we support who are diagnosed with ASD and the deep love and resolve of their incredible families! This book should be read by all families who love and care for someone with ASD and by all professionals who are fortunate to work these amazing people!

  8. Ron Suskind

    Author of “Life Animated: A Story of Sidekicks, Heroes and Autism.
    These honest and insightful portrayals of the lives of mothers of neurodiverse children will resonate with many parents and offer guidance and hope.

  9. Christopher White, Ed. D

    President/CEO, Road to Responsibility, Inc., Marshfield MA
    Anne Tucker Roberts has done it again! Bringing us on a ride through the stories of six families trying to find a path for their children with autism, many in the days when Autism wasn’t as well known or supported as it is today. They are stories of struggle, tenacity and love, as well as triumph!

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