784 Broadway


by James Ring

In Jim Ring’s newest book, the author brings to life his immigrant Italian heritage through a delightful retelling of summer visits to his family’s small greengrocer store in Kingston, New York. As Ring tells it, these annual visits had a profound role in shaping his character and guiding him from childhood into adulthood, and influencing his career as an FBI agent. Ring’s stories, rich with humor and wisdom, span nearly three decades and are an impressive chronicle of small-town life in the iconic Hudson Valley. A gifted storyteller, Ring brings us unforgettable characters and stories that delight and linger.

“784 is a fun read loaded with character-building wisdom.”
Kenneth O’Brien, The Profile Group

“This is a book to savor as one would enjoy a special occasion family meal.”
The Reverend Susan Baker-Borjeson

“Ring’s sly way of telling the lessons he learned as a boy kept me riveted and reading … a wonderful story with rich details of unforgettable characters. It is a northern version of Huckleberry Finn and just as enchanting.”

Ron Gollobin, Retired Journalist