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Why Violence in School Happens

Dr. Hayman Kite, author and noted lecturer on violence, gives a detailed explanation of why violence happens. Knowing why it happens better prepares those in authority to be able to prevent it.
Table of Contents
  1. Description of a situation which focused him on researching violence in schools
    1. Two boys brought to principles office since they were about to fight
    2. One boy strikes the other causing child to go to hospital and lose use of left eye
  2. Begins Research to look into "What causes this kind of action"
    1. Studied: Aggression, Anger, Gangs, Prejudice and Violence
    2. Evolution / Theory on Violence
      • 1938 - Frustration - Aggression connection
      • 1960 – Environmental situations
    3. Questions asked:
      • What can we do to prevent violence?
      • Who do we place blame?
  3. Interviewed Kids who Dropper Out of School or Committed Violent Acts
    1. Findings / Theory:
      • Theses Kids Don't Trust
      • These Kids Totally Absent of Empathy
      • They Lack Commonalities
      • They Have No Sense of Future
    2. How did they get in this shape?
      • 35 – 40 hrs domestic chores
      • How we talk to our kids?
    3. Conditions children growing up in
      • Technology Advanced
      • Fast Paced
      • Profoundly mute – no communication
  4. A Framework for Dialogue & Explanation
    1. Why it happened?
      • Children have needs and aspiration
      • These needs are blocked
      • Anger precursor to violence
    2. What Causes Violence?
      • It is the Interpretation the child gives of the block
    3. What Contributes to the Interpretation?
      • Every child has a history
      • Physical condition
      • Content - situation variables
    4. Compile data in a systematic order
      • Thought proceeds Action
      • More time you can put between thought & action, better opportunity child has to make a decision.
    5. Can not do what you have not learned
    6. Thought always proceeds action
  5. Make a Choice
    1. What you know assume is true or not
      • Legitimate
      • Not Legitimate
    2. Collect information about the child
    3. Have a way to deal with the problem
    4. Have a theory / explanation
      • Review Generalizations
  6. Teach Them Something
    1. More time between being provoked and thought allows them to chose a legitimate means
    2. Create a Generalist and test it, allows you to make every decision based on a rationale of why kids chose violence
  7. Questions and Answers
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