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Twitter for Educators

Building an Education Community Using Twitter

"Eric did a great job of breaking down the why of using Twitter in education. His explanations really drive home the need for all educators to get connected."
- Steven W. Anderson
District Instructional Technologist
Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools
Follow me on Twitter. It's become a standard phrase – one we see just about everywhere, on a daily basis. Twitter is getting harder and harder to ignore — and for good reason. The truth is, Twitter is an incredibly powerful tool that can connect you instantly to others — locally or halfway across the globe. Educators are discovering that Twitter can be an indispensable learning and professional development tool!
In the DVD Twitter for Educators, high school principal and social media expert Eric Sheninger tells you why educators should be using Twitter, and explains exactly how to get started.
Highlights of the DVD include:
  • Twitter basics
  • The language of Twitter (What's a Retweet? What's a hashtag?)
  • How to set up an account
  • What should you include in your profile?
  • Why should educators use Twitter?
  • Reasons to create a PLN (Personal Learning Network) with Twitter
  • Who should you follow?
  • Should you link to a website?
  • Twitter as a Web 2.0 tool (plus, Web 2.0 tools explained!)
  • What schools are using Twitter?
  • And much more!
DVD Price: $80.00
No. T1102
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