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Teaching Anti-Bullying - K-8

"I attended Dr. Cerullo's bullying seminar in Haverford Township and it was AMAZING. I bought two of the videos you publish and every parent, child and school faculty needs this important information! They were outstanding."
- Jennifer W.
School District of Philadelphia
Despite a national spotlight on bullying, millions of children and teens are still harassed or bullied at school. Many schools are making progress in the fight against bullying – but experts know this process must be pro-active and ongoing.
Now, anti-bullying expert and speaker Dr. Claudio V. Cerullo advises teachers and administrators on effective anti-bullying strategies in the DVD Teaching Anti-Bullying – K-8. Dr. Cerullo explains how to talk to children about bullying. Dr. Cerullo tells how schools can break the silence of bullying, and take away the shame.
"Up to half of today's children are victims of school bullying. Parents, educators, and students alike must work together to help stop bullying in their classrooms, playgrounds, and schools."
- Dr. Claudio V. Cerullo

You will learn the most effective way to talk to students about bullying issues, including:
Explaining the four types of bullying:
  • Physical bullying
  • Verbal bullying
  • Relationship bullying
  • Cyber bullying
How does bullying make you feel?
Does bullying have to be a part of growing up?
What do bullies have in common?
Who is a target for bullying?
How can kids deal with bullying?
How should kids respond "in the moment" of bullying?
How can kids avoid future bullying?
Why do others let it happen?
What to say to a bully?
Are you a bully?
How can you stop being a bully?
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