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Student Sexting and Cyber-Bullying - 2015

A Guide School for School Administrators, Teachers and SRO's

A-55 minute DVD featuring Kathleen Conn, Ph.D., J.D., LL.M., Professor of Law Widener Law School and Professor of Education, Neumann University. This DVD contains the very latest information available and is accompanied by a free "additional resources" CD.
Case Studies Cyber-Bullying and Sexting
Suicides of Students
Liability Issues - School Policies
When is Cyber – Communicating Criminal
Cyber Harassment, Cyber Stalking, Ethnic Intimidation, Terrorist Threats, Unlawful Communication or Contact with a Minor, Solicitation, Child Pornography, Identity Theft, Invasion of Privacy
Liability Issues for School Districts and SRO's
Civil Rights Lawsuits – Violations of Title IX
Theories of Liability – Court Decisions
Valid Defenses for School District Personnel and SRO's
Out of School Free Speech Issues – when it is not Protected
Court Decisions – The Tinker Test
The New Bathroom Wall
Cell Phone Issues
How Schools can Regulate
Illegal Searches and Seizures
Criminalizing of Texting
Free Additional Resources CD: Students Sexting and Cyberbullying 2015
Table of Contents:
Monica Lewinsky - the First Public Victim
Consequences for Students who Sext
The Sexting Scandel No One Sees
How to Combat Cyberbullying
Sexting Prevention Strategies
Twitter New Features
Apps Guide to Apps
Monitoring Social Media
Resources for Schools
Video Clips 2015 - 10 clips – 1.5 hours
DVD Price: $90.00
No. B110
PLUS - Free 55-minute DVD with your order!
Sexual Harassment in the Middle and High Schools – A Guide for School Administrators
Cathy Rath, MA, Professor San Francisco Sate Univ.
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