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Student Searches: A Legal Guide for School Administrators and SROs

Presented by Kathleen Conn, Ph.D., J.D., LL.M., Assistant Professor, Newman University, Adjunct Professor, Widener Univ. School of Law
  1. School Searches
  2. What Schools Are Up Against
  3. Population and Crime Statistics
  4. NCES Indicators: 2010 Report
  5. Monitoring the Future Study
  6. The Definitive Standard
  7. The Fourth Amendment
  8. Police Searches and Warrants
  9. Stop & Frisk vs. Search
  10. Probable Cause vs. Reasonable Suspicion
  11. Searches by School Officials
  12. The T.L.O. Standard
  13. When is a Search Reasonable?
  14. Random Drug Testing
  15. Strip Searches
  16. Qualified Immunity
  17. Miranda in the School Setting
  18. Standards for SRO/SLO/Police
  19. School Security/SROs/SLOs
  20. Alternative Schools: Standards Relaxed
  21. "Safe" Searches
  22. Alternative Searches
  23. Searches with Dogs
  24. Strip Searches for Money
  25. Controversial Searches
  26. Cell Phone Searches
  27. Cell Phones and Child Pornography
  28. Other Technology Issues
  29. Seizures and Restraints
  30. Private Schools and the Fourth Amendment
  31. Special Needs Students Searched
  32. Student Told to Undergo Pregnancy Test
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