School Safety and Social Networking Sites – A DVD

MySpace, Facebook, YouTube and Others

Sgt. Corey MacDonald, Esq. is the prosecuting attorney for the Portsmouth, NH, Police Department, and is a member of the New Hampshire and Massachusetts Bar. He is a Drug Recognition expert, and is recognized as the most knowledgeable law enforcement person in the country on He spent a year on as a school resource officer and has lectured before school and law enforcement groups throughout the country. In this DVD, Sgt. MacDonald details how to use and other popular social networking sites as an investigative tool. You will learn:

1. Getting Started

a) MySpace – the premier online social networking site.

b) Who can be an online investigator?

2. Using MySpace for Investigative Purposes

a) Detect evidence of past/present crimes.

b) Identify at-risk youth; monitor social behavior.

c) Conduct counter intelligence.

d) Monitor gang and hate group recruiting.

e) Monitor your own children’s activity.

f) Proactively police pedophiles.

3. Why are Youth Drawn to MySpace?

a) A false perception of anonymity

b) Chance to portray an image

c) Little to no supervision

4. Dangers

a) On-line predators

b) False sites: pornography/identity theft

c) Gang and hate group recruitment

5. Establish an Open or Closed Site

a) Open site considerations

i. Tool to attract information; identifies who you are.

ii. Mandatory reporter considerations

iii. Department/school permission

iv. Proper security features/documentation

b) Closed site considerations

i. Undercover site; may violate MySpace’s TOS.

ii. Requires supervisor’s cooperation; two sets of eyes; one person to run the site/one to monitor.

6. Investigations

a) Tracking conversations

b) Saving/printing comments and pictures

c) How active is site?

d) Link to commercial site; pornography, web cams.

e) Multiple pages – one user may have multiple pages.

7. Seizing Information

a) 4th Amendment protects MySpace privacy.

b) Electronic Communications Privacy Act governs ability to disclose information. Requires government process to release information, to include subpoenas, court orders, search warrants.

8. Time Guidelines for Obtaining Information

a) Time guidelines for retrieving: basic user identity information, stored files, general info; IP address logs; private user communications; private sent messages; private messages in trash; deleted accounts.

9. How Long Will MySpace Preserve Records?

10. How to Build a Closed Site

11. Gang Recruitment

12. Emergency Disclosures

a) What information can MySpace disclose to a fed/state/local government entity?

b) When is emergency disclosure warranted?

13. Introducing MySpace Evidence

a) Admissions; what may be used in court to show guilt.

b) Foundation; who found the evidence, what training did they have, who saved/printed page (chain of custody).

14. MySpace Resources


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