Organizing a Safe After-School Athletic Event – A DVD

In this DVD, Jay Hammes, who is the Director of Athletics, Activities and Security at Horlick High School in Racine, WI, details how to create a security plan for your school that is comprehensive and effective. Recognizing the fact that more violence happens after school – during activities, special events and at athletic games – Mr. Hammes has created a plan, which includes "15 Safeguards to Ensure a Safe After-School Athletic Event," appropriate for any school.

1. Staggering U.S. Statistics

a) 270 million guns for 300 million people; 41.5% of population owns guns

b) 8 million guns manufactured every year

c) 11,344 gun-related deaths in 2004; 30,000 gun-related deaths in 2007

2. Violent Crimes In Schools

a) Master teachers – safe & secured environment

b) Fire drills versus lock downs

c) More after-school violence than during school

d) Boys basketball - football - dances

3. Reasons

a) Number of guns (#1 per capita in world)

b) Breakdown of family structure

c) Lack of parental guidance

d) Decline in the value of education

e) Poverty

f) Gangs

g) Drugs and alcohol

h) Teen pregnancies

4. Example: Racine, Wisconsin – 2007: Highest Unemployment Rate in Wisconsin – 9.8%

a) 53% of 23,000 students are on free and reduced lunch

b) Violent crimes up 21% and aggravated assault up 93% from ’06

c) Second highest crime rate in the state

d) Wind Point, lowest crime rate in Southeast Wisconsin

e) Wind Point protects its perimeter

5. 15 Safeguards to Ensure a Safe Event

a) I.D. for admission

b) "No Entry" list

c) Schedule changes

d) Protect your perimeter/gate

e) Visual searches

f) Prohibit back packs

g) Portable lighting

h) Video cameras

i) Event workers/police

j) Inappropriate music

k) Exits identified

l) Pay attention to details

m) Crowd control

n) Announcer can be your best friend

o) Communications

6. One Connected 21st Century

a) Data, voice, video, security, wireless, building controls (intercom, surveillance)

7. 21st Century Expectations

8. Connected Communities

a) Business, education, government

9. 21st Century Campus Safety and Communications

a) Establish an emergency communications center

b) Get to know your students

10. Are Our Schools Safe?

a) Stakeholders must be involved.

b) Must-have security tools

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