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Regulating Teacher Speech Online: What Educators Need to Know

Teachers and school administrators are discovering how their "private" online communications can quickly go public, creating serious image and legal problems for all involved. The truth is, teachers are expected to be role models – but they also have private lives. Can teachers maintain a social media presence and preserve the integrity of their teacher identity? Can they do this without getting into trouble?
Find out in the DVD, Regulating Teacher Speech Online: What Educators Need to Know. In this all-new DVD, educator and legal expert Kathleen Conn, Ph.D., J.D., LL.M., explains what educators must know – and do! – to protect themselves online.
You will learn:
This DVD answers the questions –
Can online speech be regulated?
Can a teacher be fired for online speech?
Filmed March 2012
57 minutes
DVD Price: $90.00
No. T1105
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