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Recognizing and Reining in Bullying in Elementary School

In this DVD, educator and legal expert Kathleen Conn explores the issues of elementary school bullying, starting with the need for school administrators, teachers and parents to recognize and confront the problem. Conn explains the different characteristics of bullying, harassment and teasing; how to identify bullying at the elementary level; who bullies and how much; traditional bullying v. cyber bullying; what courts and legislators say about schools' responsibilities; what school personnel need to do; and much more.
DVD Presenter Kathleen Conn, Ph.D., J.D., LL.M, is an assistant professor at Neumann University and an adjunct professor at Widener U. School of Law. With 18 years of experience in public schools as a teacher and administrator, Conn is a legal expert in the areas of First Amendment rights of students in K-12 public schools; public schools' legal responses to technology misuse and bullying, including cyber bullying; and peer sexual harassment in schools. Conn has authored two books and numerous articles published in law reviews and educational journals.

What you'll learn:

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