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Profiling a Person Who has the Potential for Violence

Dr. Kelly Zinna a police psychologist and leading authority on violence in America who has appeared on national TV programs devoted to violence in our schools and other environments. You will be able to recognize the sign posts given off by a person who has the potential to commit violence.
Table of Contents
  1. Professional Background
    1. Working in Violence Predictions since 1992
      1. Started with Post Office who has done a lot to turn their image around with 800#, Threat Mgmt Team, Campaigns
  2. Workplace Violence is Preventable
    1. Predictable Crime
      1. Perpetrator tells you about it before it happens
      2. They don't just tell you once; by words they use, behavior, things they do in spare time
    2. So what's the problem?
      1. People Don't Pay attention
      2. People don't take seriously
      3. Not sure what they are seeing
  3. Threat Assessments
    1. Consult with companies and see employees they are concerned about
      1. Employees feel run out of options
    2. Work with Preventing School Place Violence
    3. Psychological profile is the same with younger faces, fluid interchange
  4. To Understand Violence – Need to Understand Society
    1. FADS (hair styles, clothes)
      1. Suddenly appear
      2. Rapidly gain popularity
      3. Leave quickly
      4. Do not really affect society
      5. Note: Sometimes Fads do affect society
    2. Trends (terrorists, Sept 11th)
      1. Enter society more slowly
      2. Endure for long periods
      3. Change the course of society and everyday lives
      4. Society must adapt
  5. Workplace Violence Policy
    1. All companies should have one
    2. 28 % companies have a policy
    3. Should be separate, cleaner
    4. Largest growing amount of litigation, costly
  6. Categories of Perpetrators (review examples in each category)
    1. Customers – 44% (this category includes police officers and convenience store owner kille
    2. Stranger 24% (no connection to company, domestic violence is an exampl
    3. Co-Worker – 20%
    4. Boss – 7%
    5. Ex-Employee – 3%
    6. Other – 2% (domestic terrorism – World Trade Center)
      1. 98% of violent crimes done by men
      2. Have to be forceful and prosecute offenders. Hold people accountable.
  7. Warning Signs – shared characteristics (discussion with real life examples)
    1. Perceived Injustice History
    2. Fascination or Obsession with weapons
    3. Alcohol or Drug Abuse; Off-Medication
    4. Socially Isolated, Limited Relationships
    5. Recent Loss / Social Rejection
    6. Symptoms of Depression, Suicidal
    7. Practicing Behaviors
    8. Presence of Threats
      1. Trigger Events happen usually within 2 week timeframe of Violence
      2. Documentation of issues with employee critical
  8. Types of Threats
    1. Verbal and Non Verbal Threats
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