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Pro-Active Solutions to School Violence

The Key is Prevention
A new DVD – Publication date: May 2014

No more Lessons Learned! Forget about "It can't happen here." Act now, not after an event. Now is the time for a proactive approach to stopping violence and bullying in schools!

Did you know that there have been 44 school shootings since Sandy Hook? Too many students are spending their days in school living in fear!

Henry M. Quinlan, Esq, publisher of Omni Publishing Co., has been speaking on school violence and bullying in schools since 1989. He has been featured on seven DVDs on bullying and school violence; has organized 40 seminars and has published 52 DVDs on the topics of school violence and bullying in schools. He was the founding editor of the School Law Bulletin.

"I have watched and studied many incidents of violence and bullying in schools that are usually followed by inquiries and reports that tend to be forgotten as time passes. Now is the time for a proactive approach. One that involves a much greater use of intelligence to help administrators and SROs connect the dots. A well thought out intelligence plan will provide the leaders with the information so that they can act. Too often I have read that there were sign posts that a lot of people saw, but no one acted. A well-known U.S. Secret Service study notes that there were very visible sign posts in 34 of the 37 school shootings that they studied. These sign posts were not acted upon."
— Henry M. Quinlan

Chapters in the DVD:
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