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A Guide for Principals
Sexting — Response and Prevention Strategies

What you should know — The Law, Responsive and Preventative Strategies

Canon City, Colorado, case is NOT AN ISOLATED CASE! Hundreds of photos more than 100 students involved in sexting.
In this three disc-set (one DVD and two multi-media CDs), school principals will find the answers to any questions they have about sexting inside the school and from outside the school. Featuring Kathleen Conn, Ph.D., LLM law professor and former school principal, who presents the legal aspects for school principals. Henry M. Quinlan, Esq., Founder of the School Law Bulletin and publisher of Omni Publishing Co., provides the details to the above answers and more. The old ways are not working but there are some new methods that show signs of being very effective.
Sexting is not going away. This set contains the very latest information on reducing sexting in and out of schools by students. More than a total of 160 minutes on the set of 3 discs.
DVD Price: $90.00 (3-disc set)
Additional Resources CD – Table of Contents
Possible responses to students in Colorado case
Monica Lewinsky - the First Public Victim - Cyberbullying
Consequences for Students who Sext
The Sexting Scandal No One Sees
How to Combat Cyberbullying
Sexting Prevention Strategies
Guide to Sexting Apps
Monitoring Social Media
Resources for Schools
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