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Preventing School Violence Techniques

Alan Sugarman, former Superintendent of Schools, presents techniques and practices that have been developed by his school district after much thought and research. A basic "how to" filled with practical ideas.
Table of Contents
  1. School Discipline Issues Over the years
    1. 50 yrs ago – Throwing Paper on Floor
    2. Today – Guns at the Door
  2. What's Happened in Our Society Caused Young People to Violence
    1. Dissolution of family contact
    2. Education of the Head vs. Heart
    3. Isolation & Alienation
    4. Social, Emotional, Moral Assistance
  3. Study of Violence in al Developing Countries
    1. Study of Violence in all Developing Countries
    2. Latest report of Elementary, Middle and High School episodes of violence
  4. Heath & Safety Readiness
    1. Violence Prevention
      1. Crisis Drills
      2. Crisis Response
      3. Crisis Responsibilities
  5. Review Ft. Lee Crisis Response Program
    1. Review of Examples
      • Tornado, Truck – collision, Small plane crash, Sniper fire
    2. Developed a Community Crisis Response Team (CCRT)
      • Review types of representatives on team
    3. Reviewed Duties & Responsibilities
      • Create standard operating procedures
      • Periodic reviews
      • Guidelines for training personnel
      • Collection of information
    4. Development of a Crisis Management Response Directory - act out scenarios
      • Tornado, Boiler Explosion, Hostage situation, Food Poisoning, Crane Collapse
    5. Review of Crisis Response Drill by Crisis Station with Task and Outcome
      • What to do
      • Where to go
      • What is to be done at that crisis station
        Crisis Stations:
        • Point of Entry
        • Command Post
        • General Public Information
        • Crisis Counsel Setup
        • Evacuation Stations
        • Parent Information Center
        • Media Center
        • Parent Counseling Center
        • Triage Area
        • Debriefing
  6. Video Presentation - a live reenactment of an assault in a school library on a teacher and a few students.
  7. Resources
  8. Questions and Answer session
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