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Pedophiles and Schools

How to identify and report sexual predators

The Catholic Church, the Boy Scouts, Penn State – what lessons about pedophiles and schools are available from these experiences? These respected institutions have been roiled by not acting against sexual predators and by thinking they could control the problem.
Do not make that mistake. This DVD will inform on the proper steps to take to keep children safe, to identify sexual predators and to report them. Young boys and girls (yes girls can be victims of sexual predators) need to be protected. Knowing what to look for is essential in identifying potential problems. Every employee in the district should be aware and know who to tell if they see something that may involve a sexual predator. There is a potential for criminal justice and civil liability problems if not handled properly.
This DVD features Henry M. Quinlan, Esq. Publisher of Omni Publishing Co. and founding editor of the School Law Bulletin.
You will learn:
Filmed: October 2012
Length: 55 minutes
DVD Price: $85.00
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