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Girls and Bullying

Kimberly Nardone, M.S., LMHC, has worked with school systems and courts for 12 years, with a specialty in girls and violence. In the DVD, Ms. Nardone will explain what characterizes aggression among girls, the differences between male and female aggression, risk factors, and the short- and long-term impact of physical aggression. She will discuss preventive strategies, and point out what commonly used strategies often miss the mark. She will discuss specific steps that schools should take when aggression occurs, and what girls should do when they find themselves in a violent situation.
  1. What Characterizes Aggression Among Girls?
    1. Overt-Physical Aggression
    2. Covert-Relational Aggression (RA)
  2. Statistics on Incidents of Aggression
  3. How Students are Effected by Aggression
    1. Higher rates of anxiety and depression among victims
      bystanders; lower academic achievement.
  4. Why do Girls Stay in Relationships Involving RA?
    1. Fear of isolation and loneliness
    2. Lack of information and skills
  5. Myths v. Facts
    1. Myth: Targets act out in certain ways that are responsible for being picked on.
    2. Fact: Aggressors often pick target that they know others will most likely not rally around and support.
  6. Differences in Male and Female Aggression
    1. Girls typically fight within friendship circles; boys typically fight outside friendship circles
    2. Girls more likely to carry knives; boys choose guns
  7. Long Term Impact of Physical Aggression
    1. Victims more likely to become depressed as adults
    2. Aggressors 5x as likely to become adult criminals
  8. Statistics Related to Girls and Violence
    1. Female percentage of juvenile assaults (FBI's Uniform Crime Report)
    2. In 2001, arrest for aggravated assaults among girls (Office of Juvenile Justice)
  9. Issues to Consider in Violence Reporting
    1. Relabeling
    2. Upcriming
  10. Why is physical aggression on the rise for girls?
    1. Changes in the nature of reporting crimes
    2. More gender equality
    3. More violence in the media
  11. Risk Factors Related to Aggression and Violence
    1. History of victimization and sexual abuse
    2. Parenting styles and discipline
    3. Socio-economic background
  12. Preventive Strategies
    1. Prevention programs that work
    2. Positive female role models
    3. Changing dangerous cultural myths
  13. Strategies That May Miss the Mark
    1. Zero tolerance rules with inflexible consequences
    2. Inconsistently enforced consequences
  14. Behavioral Rubric
  15. Steps to Take when Aggression Occurs
    1. Investigative interviewing-talking to student, peers, teachers; assigning consequences
    2. Reflective period for aggressor to help develop empathy, learn new skills, and alternative behaviors
    3. Tips for dealing with aggressors, empowering bystanders
  16. Evaluating Effectiveness of Your Programs
    1. School programs
    2. Gender specific support for girls
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