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Disarming a Student in the Classroom

Real life experience of teacher Linda Robb — in her own words — about disarming a student who stood up waving a gun. The teacher, keeping her composure disarmed the student while being, in her own words, extremely scared.
Table of Contents
  1. Brief Introduction
    1. Information on town in Lisbon, and school size and grades
  2. Detail description of events on March 23rd
    1. School day begins like any other day
    2. Students preparing for citizenship portion of the OH proficiency test
    3. Student asks why class and teacher next door were laying on floor
    4. Decided to go and look into situation
  3. Defining Moment in her Life
    1. Reviewed situation
      • Saw everyone on the floor
      • Asked if they were having a drill
      • Teacher shook head slowly No
    2. Scanned classroom again and saw one student standing
      • He held up a gun
      • She asked if it was real, he showed her it was
    3. Leaving to get help was not an option
  4. Realized Student Needed a Way Out of the Situation
    1. Talked to the boy telling him she cared and she loved him
    2. Reminded him the two of them could always talk
    3. Asked child if wanted to go into the hall to talk
    4. Boy rose and came toward her
    5. She realized she needed to get him away from the students and teacher
    6. She hugged him and she took the gun and moved him to the hallway
  5. Review Reason Behind Events
    1. Asked boy why he would do such a thing
    2. He stated he wanted to be with his mother who was in jail
    3. She said she understood and she was sorry and explained he would have pay the consequences
  6. Brief explanation of what happened to boy
  7. Process Situation and Look After Students
    1. She and other teacher sat together to process what happened
    2. Teachers came to comfort students
      • Moved students to gymnasium
      • Let students say what was on their minds
      • School counselors came and sat with students
      • Parents contacted and came and to take children home
    3. Media descended upon school and they decided to talk about the positive outcome
  8. Recommendations
    1. Have Faith in yourself and your training
    2. Get to know your students
    3. Give compliments freely
    4. Speak each day to each student
    5. Notice the students with low self esteem
    6. Treat everyone the same, be consistent
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