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Dealing with the Media in a Crisis

Detective (ret) Phil Vannatter of the OJ Simpson case talks about the challenges of dealing with the media in a high profile situation. Detective Vannattar, an insider during the most publicized trail in history, offers commons sense advice on dealing with the media.
Table of Contents
  1. What you need to do to meet the demands of the media and protect yourselves as an organization and individual
    1. Media can be our best friend or enemy
      • Poor perception created by media: labeled detectives as "dumb," who muddled up crime scene and planted evidence.
      • If one stumbles all are effected; not keeping police updated on incidents occurring in the police station creates poor morale
    2. News media loves to zone in on law enforcement
      • Police are the strongest arm of the establishment, can deny someone of their liberty, power of life and death
    3. Police procedure 30 years ago was very proactive; in past 15 years, very reactive
  2. Review a high profile incident and how media reacts (OJ Simpson case)
    1. Media hired private detective to look into officers backgrounds
      • Looked into voter history, personnel package
    2. Media set up command posts within a couple blocks of officers home
  3. Guidelines to follow in regards to the media
    1. Make sure you secure the scene so media can not get in, far enough back that they can not hear you or video you
      • Need to make sure you close off not only streets but home or building surrounding
    2. Set up a secure location for the media
      • Location away from your crime scene, restrict them to that location
    3. Make sure you have only one person doing press releases; make it a prepared statement approved by detective
    4. Don't be antagonist towards press, make friends with them
  4. Discuss two most asked questions about the OJ Simpson case today
    1. Are you still looking for the real killer?
    2. Did this case cause you to retire?
  5. Stressing Positive Aspects of Your Department
    1. Need to stress positive aspects of your department with media
    2. If an unusual incident occurs in your area, publish your policies on the internet
      • When talking to media, state your officers are following department policy as stated
      • This can stop media from misrepresenting your departments actions
    3. In OJ Simpson case, LA Police department performed a review of the case
      • Police found nothing wrong occurred
      • Media did not feel it newsworthy
    4. When you are speaking in public or on the TV, you are not just representing self, but police department, prepare yourself
      • If high media case, ask prosecutor for gag order
    5. Best pathologist give 2-3 window on death.
      • Markers (time last seen and time foun
      • With additional data able to get this down to 1 hour
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