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Cyber Security for Schools

Have your computers been hacked?
Best practices for protecting school data.

Pamela McLeod
"Confidential information on all computers is at risk. Often common sense can reduce that risk."
Pam McLeod Head of Technology
Concord School District, NH
In this new 55-minute DVD (June 2015) Pamela McLeod, Head of Technology of the Concord, NH School District, outlines the cyber threats that threaten school computers both from outside the school building and from within and how to detect them and defeat them. Pam was School Technology Leader of the Year 2012.
You will learn:
Your website is frozen by ransomware. One NJ School District was asked for $125,000.
What would you do? A staff person receives an email purporting to be from a vendor and he/she opens a link then the computer network slows down. There is a virus. Do you know if your computers have been hacked? More of the issues covered in this new DVD include:
Nothing is changing faster than the frequency and sophistication of cyber-attacks and computer hacking directed at government agencies at all levels. As the F.B.I. noted on April 22, 2015.
DVD Price: $95.00
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