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Cyber Bullying

A School's Guide to: Prevention, Assessment & Response

Sgt. Corey F. MacDonald, Esq., is the Prosecuting Attorney for the Portsmouth, NH, Police Department. He is nationally recognized as one of the most knowledgeable law enforcement experts on and other social networking sites. In this DVD, Sgt. MacDonald explains the relatively new phenomenon of cyber bullying. He details how a unified, reasonable and systematic approach to investigating and dealing with cyber bullying can only serve to make your school more secure.
Highlights of the DVD include:
  1. Bullying: New and Improved
    1. Traditional bullying – can cause, in one instance of bullying: physical pain; embarrassment; damage to self-esteem; decreased productivity; reclusive behavior; permanent emotional scars.
    2. Computer-age bullying – now imagine that one instance suspended in perpetuity: online chat messages; blogs; pictures posted; fake MySpace sites; "under-cover" friends; fake boyfriends / girlfriends; picture modification.
  2. "Joe is Jerk" – Case Study
  3. Megan Meier Social Media Hoax
  4. The Impact of Bullying
    1. Since February 1996 there have been over 50 school shootings. This is a problem where the symptoms could manifest themselves in YOUR school.
  5. National Statistics
  6. Who Bullies?
  7. Is There Online Regulation?
    1. The short answer is, "No."
    2. Parents often intimidated by computer savvy children.
    3. Educators aren't sure if they have the "teeth" to get involved.
    4. Law enforcement does not have the time/resources to proactively patrol the internet.
    5. The online social network sites react once a complaint is filed.
  8. School Involvement
    1. Educators need a "hook" to get involved.
    2. Usually it is the effects of cyber bullying which give the school the necessary leverage to take action.
  9. Can schools be held liable for not acting? – YES
    1. Two main sources of liability:
      - A failure to supervise/warn of a violent student.
      - Improper investigation or discipline.
  10. Negligence
  11. Failure to Warn
    1. Consequences for Administrators
  12. What can we do?
    1. Empower educators to make a difference!
    2. There is always a first. You will be scrutinized – be prepared.
    3. Investigations – have a plan in place.
    4. Evaluate the Incident
    5. TEETH
    6. Due Process
  13. Dealing with the Press
    1. Don't Ignore - Engage
  14. Understanding the Technology
    1. MySpace Help
    2. The Friend ID
    3. Preserving Evidence
    4. Facebook
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