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Coming and Going to School – Abduction Prevention Training

DVD presented by Lt. Tom Smith, Collier County Sheriff's Office
Table of Contents
  1. Brief Background
  2. Discussion around Missing Children and School Violence
  3. Abduction Prevention Training
  4. NCIC Missing Person File Entry Criteria
  5. Review of Statistics of Child Abductions
    1. Non Family Abduction & Murdered 1%
    2. Non Family Abduction & Found 4-8%
    3. Abduction by Family Member
    4. Runaways, Throwaways
  6. Review on various legislation
  7. Discussion on "Stranger / Danger Program"
    1. Child Abduction Murder Study discusses the focus of Stranger/Danger program is for Kindergarten to 3rd graders
      1. Homicide rates highest children 0-4 and 13-17 Years of Age
  8. As a Community "Are You Prepared"
    1. Always hear - "It's Never Going to Happen Here"
  9. Reviewed various scenarios
    1. Etan Patz, Abductions from School Bus Stops or Schools, Jimmy Ryce
  10. Link Between Missing Children and Sexual Predator is a Strong One
    1. What is a Human Predator? A person who might __________ a child.
      1. Approach, Threaten, Prey Upon, Molest, Attack, Exploit
  11. Discussion around: What's wrong with teaching children, don't talk to strangers?
  12. Two Types of Attacks
    1. Blitz Attack - Snatch and Run
    2. Confidence Attack - Lures
  13. Abduction Prevention
  14. General Strategies
    1. Always Check First
    2. Use Code Words
    3. Develop Safety Zones
    4. Learn How to Identify Alerts
    5. Fighting Back - when to resist, when to go
    6. Flight/Running - when to run/ yell for help
  15. How do we protect our Children
    1. Teach parents to review child's bus route
    2. Identify safe houses through school route
    3. Arrive at bus route on time
    4. Getting Home safely - practice
    5. Train your Child to be ALERT:
      1. Recognize the 'person'; Recognize the vehicle; can your child identify ALERTS; Practice "What If's"
  16. Resources to Obtain Information on Predators
    1. NCMEC - National Center Missing and Exploited Children 1-800-843-5678
      1. Provides a Crisis Plan; Missing and Abduction Chile Investigative Guide
    2. Jimmy Ryce Center - provide free blood hounds to law enforcement
    3. State Clearinghouses
    4. Manuals
    6. Child Abduction & Serial Killer Unit (ASKU)
  17. Summary on Creating a Program
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