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Bullying, Cyber-Bullying and Parents
A Guide for Parents

If you want parents involved show them this DVD.

This DVD offers very practical reasons WHY more parents should be involved with schools in combating bullying, cyber-bullying and hazing. It also presents HOW parents can be involved and the various ways that can help their children – whether a bully or the victim of bullying or violence.
The DVD features Henry M. Quinlan, Esq., whose 25 years of experience in the area of school law and violence and bullying in schools provides the foundation for his presentation. Mr. Quinlan outlines the possibly severe consequences for them and their children should they be involved in bullying, cyber-bullying or school violence.
"If every parent saw this DVD, there would be fewer problems with bullying and violence incidents in schools."
— Dep. Chief Corey MacDonald, Author of Cyber-bullying Prevention and Assessment
"This is not a feel good presentation but a very sober reminder for parents of the consequences for them and their child if their child is involved in bullying in school."
— Mary Hurley, Director, Alternate High School Nashua NH
"I was very impressed with the section on cyber-bullying. After seeing this DVD — I am now involved!
— Sarah Murphy, Parent, Mattapoisett, MA
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