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A Guide for Teachers: Responding to Bullying in the Classroom

In this DVD, our experts explain the latest trends and strategies surrounding bullying in the classroom. They discuss what steps teachers and administrators should take to combat bullying and its effects, and detail the consequences of bullying — whether the bullying occurs in person or online. The DVD includes a how-to of searching social networking sites for evidence of cyber-bullying and teacher parodies. Our legal experts discuss the new role of criminal law in bullying cases and describe the legal rights of teachers and administrators — and much more.
Meet the experts! Capt. Corey MacDonald, Esq., is a graduate of Harvard's Kennedy School of Government and one of the country's leading experts on social networking sites and cyber-bullying. Henry M. Quinlan, Esq., Publisher of Omni-Publishing Co., has long experience in the area of school law and issues involving violence in schools; he is also featured in the DVD Bullying, Hazing and Parents — A Guide for Parents of Middle and High School Students. Martin Burns, a professional recruiter who has become an expert on performing online background checks on corporate recruits, links social media and its impact on future employment.

What you'll learn:

This DVD demonstrates that teachers have rights also.
This DVD gives teachers the tools needed to deal with bullying in the classroom as well as strategies to defend against a lawsuit if it should arise.
What is the legal definition of bullying?
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No. B104
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