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Bullying and Consequences for High School Students – 2011

There are serious consequences for students who bully.

This DVD informs students of the consequences of bullying whether the bullying occurs in person or online. Because of new laws and new court decisions students who engage in bullying activity run the risk of being involved in the criminal justice system and/or being financially liable ( and maybe their parents too). Students should also be aware that what they place online can come back to haunt them many years later and cause them harm.

Bullying and Financial Liability

Ramifications of Social Uploading


Henry M. Quinlan, Esq., with long experience in the area of school law and issues involving violence in schools, featured in DVD Bullying, Hazing and Parents, A Guide for Parents of Middle and High School Students. Examples of students and their parents being liable for bullying.

Martin Burns, Professional corporate recruiter who performs online background checks on corporate recruits. Demonstrates how posted material that was deleted is found. Cautions students on what they post. Students will be amazed at how he finds posted material deleted or not.

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