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The Best Uses of Social Media for Schools

Social media has until recently been regarded as a student/teen domain. Schools and educators have been ignoring social media – mostly wishing it would go away. They have been losing out in the process! Now schools and educators are learning that social media can play an important and cost effective role in:
But how do you get started?
In the DVD The Best Uses of Social Media for Schools, high school principal and social media expert Eric Sheninger demystifies social media. He explains how all of the leading social networking sites – including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Ning – work, and how your school can make the most of them. You'll learn about blogs, Skype, social bookmarking tools (Delicious, Diigo) Google tools (Google Docs, Google Sites, Google Reader, Google Plus) and social media tools for student engagement (Wordle, Voicethread, Glogster and more!).
Once you get going, social media is easy to use – and the communication and learning benefits are endless. You just have to get started!


-What USA Today says about Eric Sheninger: "Among educators, Eric Sheninger is something of a social networking hero" Read the article
-See Eric Sheninger on YouTube
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