1.     The Problem

2.     What We Have Tried

a)    Overstating danger v. ignoring problem

b)    Strong enforcement (light on education)

c)     Education (light on enforcement)

3.     Past & Current Programs:  Do They Work?

a)    DARE since 1983

b)    Public service messages

c)     Scared Straight, NASSRO Training, GREAT

d)    School tip lines

4.     High School Drug Programs

a)    Programs target younger students

b)    Health classes often block drug abuse information

c)     What else is out there?

5.     How Successful Have We Been?

6.     Understanding the Draw

a)    Popular culture

b)    Drugs as accessory to success

c)     Acceptance by youth – not adults

d)    Escapism, rebellion, fitting in, peer pressure

7.     Education Based Enforcement: 5 Principals

I.      Marry Education to Enforcement

a)    Face time with students in classrooms

b)    Explain goals

c)     Explain likely risks, worst case scenarios; use

local examples

d)    Q&A central part of presentation

II.   Drugs Have Always Been Present in Society

III. Present Choices & Consequences

a)    Drug use – effects on user

b)    Drug abuse – where it leads

c)     Laws on possession and dealing

d)    “Hot issues”

e)     What happens if you get caught?


IV. Enforce Rules Strictly & Fairly

a)    No longer the “bad kids” using drugs

b)    No special treatment


V.    Be Proactive in Enforcement

a)    Students must respect ability to enforce policy

b)    Teachers/staff should share information

c)     Educate staff to achieve staff “buy in”

d)    Develop sources of information


8.     Drug Convictions:  Effect on College Dollars

a)    1998 amendment to Higher Education Act denies

loans/grants/work study  to students with drug convictions

b)    Specific penalties


9.     Case Studies

a)    Details of 3 case studies

b)    Responses and results


10. Drug Sweeps

a)    K-9s as search tool/visible deterrent

b)    Arresting multiple dealers in one day

c)     Locker/bag checks

d)    Written policy on searching vehicles on property

e)     Drug free environment applies equally to staff

11. Handling Media Attention

a)    Hide nothing

b)    Embarrassment is a deterrent

c)     Bringing attention may be painful at first, but in

the end shows you care

d)    Have a plan, expect the media, be ready with a


e)     Talk to your students about the media response

f)     Make sure “good stories” also make it to the press

12. Results

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