Digital Mayhem in Schools

What it is and How to Stop It

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Table of Contents

 1.         Banners & Policy

a)         Communicating the use policy

b)         What every good use policy should have

c)         Sample banners

2.         Monitoring & Recording

a)         Whether or not to monitor

b)         Is it legal to monitor?

1)    Internet usage

2)    Computer use and file storage

c)         Duty to report

d)         Personal information

e)         Searching the internet

3.         Identity Theft/Personal Information

a)         Types of identity theft

b)         Personal identifying information

4.         PDAs and Cell Phones

a)         Whether or not to ban cell phones

b)         Concerns for schools

d)         Adding policy to student handbooks

e)         Posting notice

5.         Computer System Security

a)         Wireless Networks

b)         Computer Labs

c)         Remote Access

6.         Incident Response

a)  Likely Cases and Related Laws

1) Threat to commit crime

2) Communicating a terrorist threat

3) Stalking (E-Stalking)

b)  Area Cases

c)  Type of Incident

d)  Extended arm of law enforcement

 e)  4th amendment and government searches

f)          Obtaining written statements

g)  Email evidence

h)         Planning with local law enforcement agency

5.  Records Management

a)         How long to keep logs and other data

1)    IP Logs (remote connection)


3)Network Logon Identifications

4)File Access Records

6.  Internet Safety Concerns


b)         Lunenberg Case

7.  Resources

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