784 Broadway

"784 is a fun read loaded with character-building wisdom."
Kenneth O'Brien, The Profile Group
"This is a book to savor as one would enjoy a special occasion family meal."
The Reverend Susan Baker-Borjeson
"Ring's sly way of telling the lessons he learned as a boy kept me riveted and reading … a wonderful story with rich details of unforgettable characters. It is a northern version of Huckleberry Finn and just as¬†enchanting."
Ron Gollobin, Retired Journalist

Necessary Assets

"Jim Ring's Necessary Assets is a novel that highlights — as in real life — the fight against terrorism and crime will always need the help of local citizens. It's a book worth reading."
Thomas M. Menino, Mayor of the City of Boston
"Jim Ring's Necessary Assets is a wake-up call to the possibilities in the future … showcasing some very realistic vulnerabilities that remain unaddressed in the country."
Alan Ringgold, Former Deputy Assistant Director, International Relations Branch, FBIHQ